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What information should I include on my organisation page?
What information should I include on my organisation page?

Share your mission and goals, so the community can get to know you.

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Tell us a bit more about your organisation and introduce yourself to the wider community. Add information such as:

  • Your organisation description

    Share your purpose, mission and vision!

  • A link to your website

  • Your main impact areas

  • Your logo

  • A cover photo

    This image appears at the top of your page, so pick a nice high quality photo to make it more attractive! You can check out or for some great free images.

✍ Type of Engagement

Tell us your main reason for engaging on Goodsted. Are you looking to volunteer and offer your support? Or are you in need of support and looking for volunteers?

🔏 Privacy Settings

Semi-private groups have a ‘request to join’ button visible on their page. This means that members of the community can request to join - this is most suitable for collectives and community projects open to welcoming new members.

Private groups can be joined by invitation only - this is most suitable to companies and organisations engaging their team members internally.

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