How to register an organisation?

Register a Business, Nonprofit or Collective to start engaging your stakeholders

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Registering an organisation on the platform gives you a unique page for your Business, Nonprofit / Startup, or Collective.

Through this page you can communicate your mission and purpose, and the social and environmental causes you’re aiming to progress - as well as specify the impact goals you’re looking to achieve.

You will be prompted to register your organisation upon registration, however you can also do so anytime by clicking on your profile photo, and clicking "Register organisation" in the drop-down menu.

Add information such as:

  • Organisation name

  • Organisation type

  • Industry

  • Organisations size

  • Location

  • Website

  • Logo

💡 Note: Your registration will need to be approved by the platform administrator. We will reach out to schedule a time to meet and learn more about you - just to make sure your ethos and values are in line with those of the community. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to start engaging!

To learn more about what information to include on your page, read our related article: What information should I include on my organisation page?

Have any questions about how to register and engage your organisation, nonprofit, social enterprise, or collective on the platform? Schedule a time to chat with us here.

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