Who is Goodsted for?

Goodsted is a diverse community open to all.

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At Goodsted, we break down barriers to talent, and make it easy for initiatives and impactful organisations to access it. We help make the most of society's gifts, for the benefit of all.

🙍‍♀️ Individuals

Volunteer your skills and expertise to create impact at scale and progress social and environmental initiatives. If you’re an expert with 30+ years in your industry or career field and looking to pass on your expertise, or an early career professional just starting out looking for opportunities to build your portfolio and develop your skills - Goodsted is for you!

Help impact enterprises and non-profits progress with their goals by participating in a diverse range of opportunities from hands-on and skilled tasks, to mentoring, creative brainstorming sessions, team activities and meaningful community projects.

Browse our community directory and open opportunities according to the causes you care about, or the skills you’d like to contribute, and join the movement to start giving back.

🤝 Nonprofits & Startups

Limited budget and time for your next task? Goodsted is here to give you a boost.

We help you achieve your social and environmental goals, and scale your impact, by connecting you to skilled volunteers and experts so you can make a difference. Post opportunities to grow your social impact business, non-profit organisation, or community project and achieve your social and environmental impact goals with the help of the community.

Register your organisation and post an opportunity for free to try it out now!

💼 Organisations & Employees

Run a more effective social value & volunteering programme aligned with your social purpose that motivates and engages your employees, strengthens your brand and creates positive change in your community.

Have you been given days off to volunteer, but don’t know how to use them? If you have limited time to find the right opportunities but are looking for something meaningful to do either individually or with your team, then Goodsted is the solution you need!

We help match employees with a diverse range of opportunities fit to their skills and availability, and help companies report on their overall impact and engagement.

Get in touch to learn more and book a demo of our stakeholder engagement solutions.

🏢Large Charities & Foundations

Struggling to scale your social value or community investment programmes? Goodsted gives you superpowers to help you manage your stakeholders more effectively, and deliver on your impact goals.

Invite colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners to join you - a build out an impact ecosystem filled with exciting opportunities for them to collaborate.

We help you manage the administrative tasks that are usually a nightmare, so you can focus on scaling the impact of your programme.

Get in touch to learn more and book a demo of our stakeholder engagement solutions.

🎓 Students & Education Providers

If you’re a university student looking to develop your skills or gain more experience in your chosen career path, or if you’re simply interested in meeting like-minded individuals and giving back to your community, you too can participate in opportunities! Volunteer by offering to support specific requests, share ideas to collaborate on challenges, and create positive social and environmental impact while improving your skills and wellbeing.

If you’re looking to engage your student body and larger community in skilled and impactful projects and collaborations, get in touch with us to learn more about our community collaboration solution here.

🗺 Citizens & Local Governments

You may be an individual who is not affiliated with a particular company, school or organisation but who is equally passionate about creating meaningful change in your community. Simply join the movement by signing up as an individual and browse our community and open opportunities according to the causes you care about, or the skills you’d like to contribute.

If you’re a local council or government official looking to create a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative community where citizens in your local neighbourhood / town / city can connect and collaborate, get in touch with us here to learn more.

🎭 Existing Communities & Collectives

Are you a part of an existing community, but in need of a digital solution that will help connect and match members, while tracking the impact of your social and environmental programmes and initiatives?

If so, Goodsted is made for you too! Get in touch to learn more about our community collaboration solution, and how we can help you manage your existing programmes more effectively and efficiently - at scale!

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