The Goodsted Story

The idea behind Goodsted and how we aim to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 by building a collaborative citizenry

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“It all began when I started searching for opportunities to use my skills for social impact. The deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more I realized that there really weren’t any decent networks out there for individuals to find meaningful skilled volunteering opportunities. I wanted to take action for the Sustainable Development Goals, but I wasn’t able to easily find initiatives that I could help in order to progress these goals. What began as an experiment to help out a community project, became a fully-blown enterprise…” - Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker, Co-Founder &CEO

It’s no secret that the world we inhabit is in trouble. Overpopulation, growing social inequality, and the depletion of our planet’s key resources and destruction of natural habitats. Take a look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 . These are hugely important targets, but we’re not moving fast enough to achieve them.

So, we created Goodsted, a digital platform to help communities collaborate, share skills and resources more effectively to progress impactful projects and enterprises by tackling challenges together.

Goodsted’s community platform is not just a search engine for causes you care about, not just another volunteering platform. It’s not just a community engagement portal, or an impact reporting tool. Goodsted is all of these in one.

How it works?

Goodsted makes it easy for communities to collaborate and share resources. Individuals and organisations can give and receive in-kind support to help scale purposeful initiatives and enterprises, enabling an engaging, accountable and measurable process.

Through the platform, leaders of charitable and impact initiatives or enterprises can put forward opportunities, and request skills and other resources to help them accomplish their goals. You can also collaborate by sharing ideas and collectively brainstorming solutions to challenges you might be facing. Opportunities can be anything you can think of - however big or small - as long as they help to progress an initiative creating social or environmental impact in the community.

Let’s say you’re working on tackling homelessness. Your challenge could be “How can I create an inspiring brand and marketing strategy?” or “Can we create an event for the homeless which will make them more employable?”

Post Opportunities to shared these with the Goodsted community, and gather volunteers with specific skills, or gather innovative ideas to help you achieve your goals. You can also communicate your successes with your supporters and the wider community.

No longer should we have to feel helpless or alone! And if you’re looking to support social impact initiatives, you can easily access a diverse range of opportunities that fit with your skillset, interest and availability. By creating your own profile, you’ll be able to create a group or join existing communities and display all the great work that you’ve been a part of so far.

Check out our blog to learn more about our Founder’s story and see some of our early success stories very first challenges:

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