Goodsted is an Impact Enablement Platform. It allows you to engage all of your stakeholders in one place to progress social value objectives, and makes it easy for you to create measurable impact. It is not only a software solution for organisations but also an open social impact network & marketplace for individuals and nonprofit organisations to progress the causes they care most about.

What can I do with Goodsted?

If you are looking to help deliver social & environmental goals, you can use Goodsted to:

  • Find opportunities and organisation to support: Browse, filter and search through our community and opportunity directories to support charities, non-profits & social enterprises progressing good causes - for free. Available on the Goodsted platform regardless of your subscription plan.

  • Connect and collaborate: Find skilled, like-minded individuals and organisations looking to progress similar social and environmental goals through our members directory. These can be volunteers or mentors for your impact project, potential investors and advisors, or even potential partners. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and network to join, so that you can collaborate on opportunities together - and help scale the solutions which matter to you most.

  • Offer your time, skills and other in-kind resources: Complete your profile to receive opportunities suggested straight to your inbox. Whether you're looking to volunteer on a one-off project, or are keen to provide longer term support or in kind resources - there are a variety of ways to get involved.

  • Engage your colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners: Use our business solutions to foster community engagement in your local area or community. Our flexible network architecture allows you to invite not only your colleagues, but also your customers, supplier and partners - so you can build your own impact ecosystem. Available on our Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans.

  • Track and report on your collective engagement: By using Goodsted, you scale not only participation in your impact programmes, but also the impact you create. Create and share opportunities to engage your members, and report easily through our dynamic dashboards. Available on our Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans.

All Goodsted solutions are built on the free Goodsted Platform, which lets you see who is in the community, what opportunities are available, and what individuals and organisations are looking for support with. You can engage for free anytime as an individual looking to volunteer, have conversations with passionate changemakers, or source support for your own impact business.

Who uses Goodsted?

The short answer is everyone. The long answer is a range of diverse stakeholders within the impact ecosystem.

  • Individual changemakers who want to collaborate and contribute to progressing causes they are passionate, by sharing their time and skills.

  • Social Enterprises & Nonprofits looking to build source support, and engage volunteers in a meaningful and impactful way.

  • Business & Corporates who want to manage and scale their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV) programmes, or Community Investment and Social Value programmes.

  • Large Charities & Foundations who want to increase engagement in their programmes, and scale their community investment and social value delivery capabilities.

  • Local Authorities who want to foster stronger place-based communities, and need a smarter solution to track and manage community investment, and social value initiatives delivered by stakeholders such as citizens, suppliers and partners.

  • Schools & Universities who want to engage their students in social & environmental impact, and support those budding entrepreneurs pursuing building their own impact enterprises.

Is Goodsted for you?

If you’re still not sure if Goodsted is for you, or have any questions about how our solutions can help you achieve your impact goals, book a discovery call with us or join us for one of our community events.

What makes us different?

Unlike other solutions which engage different stakeholder groups in disconnected and siloed spaces, Goodsted empowers you to engage, communicate with and support all of your stakeholders in one simple and easy to use platform. While helping you measure the collective contribution of your entire network!

Goodsted also makes you a part of something greater. Our privately managed and customisable communities all sit within a wider network - breaking down silos across teams, organisations and industries.

On Goodsted organisations and individuals all around the world, across sectors, exist on one platform to create a better world.

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