How do I invite someone to my organisation?
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How do you invite someone to your organisation?

The likelihood is that you will want to invite your colleagues or team members to the platform and start engaging your group (business, nonprofit or collective) on the Goodsted community.

Once your group has been approved you can invite people who are not yet Goodsted members to your group.

Firstly select the group you manage by either accessing it on the side of the community hub under your name or selecting it via your individual profile.

This will take you to your group homepage. Here you can manage your group members, view your activity report and get an overview of opportunities the group is a part of.

Go to the members section of your group and this will show the members who are in your group or if any invitations are pending. If you are yet to invite anyone it will only show yourself. The “Invite a member” function allows you to send a unique email link to your potential team member inviting them to join Goodsted. This is for this person only and should not be shared. Once they complete the signup process they will automatically be added as a member of your group and ready to start their impact journey as a group member.

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