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How to set your organisation's impact goals?
How to set your organisation's impact goals?

Demonstrate your progress and impact over time.

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Goodsted is all about driving social and environmental development - which is why it’s key you share your specific impact goals with the community, and let us know what it is you aim to achieve through your engagements on the platform.

Add causes to your organisation page

On your organisation page, you will see an area titled 'Impact Areas', which asks you to select the causes you aim to progress impact in.

The Goodsted platform has 22 cause categories for you to choose from. Select the causes which most align with your mission and goals.

The full list of causes is as follows:

  • Animal Welfare

  • Arts & Culture

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Children & Youth

  • Clean Water & Sanitation

  • Community Engagement

  • COVID-19

  • Education & Training

  • Employment & Economic Growth

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Equality & Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Food & Agriculture

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Homelessness & Housing

  • Innovation & Infrastructure

  • Later Life & Elderly

  • Mental Wellness & Resilience

  • Migration & Refugees

  • Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Peace & Justice

  • Poverty Relief

📝Please note that if you are engaging in a private ecosystem, you may see a reduced list of causes - as selected by the inviting organisation.

Add Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to your page

Through the 'Edit' section of your page, you are also able to identify the SDGs towards which you are working as an organisation. Select those you are working to progress, to have them appear for visitors to see on your page.

💡Learn more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals here.

Add Impact Goals to your page

Finally, you can add more specific and tangible impact goals to your page, by typing these in as freeform text.

Detail what it is you’d like to achieve with your organisation, collective or community project. You can think about this like setting milestones for yourself - what are the specific outputs, outcomes or impacts you’re striving towards?

These are totally flexible and up to you!

Why add impact goals to your group page?

Goodsted allows you to post updates about your progress as you engage on the platform. By setting specific goals for your organisation, we can help you track your progress towards these over time, and help demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders.

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