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What should I include on my individual profile?
What should I include on my individual profile?

It’s important to introduce yourself when joining the community. This makes it much easier to connect with others!

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Your individual profile includes the following sections:

  1. Account details

  2. About you

  3. Open to

  4. Your skills

  5. Your interests

  6. Featured

  7. Languages

  8. Other social media

1. Account Details

  • Profile Photo: We recommend that you include a headshot photo so that other members can recognise you.

  • Name: Your first and last name will appear on your profile, but we only use your first name in all other platform interactions.

  • Job title: Your profession/job title will appear on your profile, and will help other members better get to know you.

  • Location: Your location can either be at the city level or if you’d like to engage at a more local level you can add your borough/local area. This will help us suggest opportunities local to you!

2. About you

  • This section is for you to give us a bit of background about yourself, your experience and why you've registered on the platform. Feel free to mention any past experience you think is relevant, as well as any hobbies or passions!

3. Open to...

  • This section is for you to let us know what types of opportunities you are open to engaging in. Are you interested in offering or receiving mentoring, volunteering, or simply sharing ideas and collaborating with others?

4. Your skills

  • This section is for your to note which skills you have, and which skills you would be open to sharing with the community. Adding your skills to your profile means you'll be able to receive personalised suggestions for opportunities that suit your unique skills!

5. Your interests

  • We would love to hear from you about what causes and industries you're interested in, so please add those in, so that we can also suggest opportunities you're passionate about!

6. Featured

  • This section is for you to upload and share any other documents, videos or images you would like featured on your profile. This could be your CV, a portfolio of your work, a research article you've published, or even videos you've helped produce. It's entirely flexible for you to use as you'd like!

7. Language

  • This section is just for you to mention which languages you're comfortable speaking so that we can match you with any relevant opportunities that come up!

Noting anything missing that you think would be valuable information to display on your profile? Let us know by getting in touch through chat.

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