Post an opportunity by clicking on your profile photo and selecting 'Post an opportunity' in the dropdown menu.

Choose the specific type of opportunity you'd like to post depending on what you need  


You may need skilled support for a specific task relating to your initiative — perhaps you are in need of help developing a marketing strategy or fundraising plan, or you may need help designing a new website. A task can also be very small — you may want support in spreading the word about your new initiative, and need volunteers to share your website on their social channels!

By posting a Task, you will be able to request volunteers with specific skills, to help you achieve this. This can also be hands-on tasks such as helping with a beach clean, or garden spring clean!


Do you need guidance, expert advice or insights to help you address a sector or industry-specific challenge? Post a mentoring opportunity to source skilled experts in the field, who can help you progress in your mission.


Say instead, you’re looking to invite people to collaborate, so they can brainstorm solutions to your challenge. Start a brainstorming challenge to ask a question to the community, and invite members to share ideas.

Members are also able to vote, like and comment on ideas to engage, and let you know what they think is the best way forwards!

Team Activity

Do you need extra hands with cleaning up, gardening, serving, facilitating or teaching? Or are you looking to run a mini-hackathon? You can do that too!

Team challenge's are great way to invite large teams to join you. Whether it's to participate in a large beach clean up, or you’re aiming to answer a technical question and want to start prototyping or developing an MVP, team challenges are a great way to get many people involved to help you problem-solve. And you can hold these remote or in-person!

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