How to volunteer?

Use your time and skills to help impactful initiatives and organisations tackle the challenges they're facing

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Looking for impactful and meaningful volunteering opportunities? 

You can use your time and skills to help organisations and community projects, by offering your support and participating in the opportunities they put forward!

You can also choose to support opportunities put forth by your organisation, for a chance to engage in collaborative brainstorming and team challenges.


Find an opportunity 

Check out the diverse range of challenges posted on the platform to find an opportunity that fits your skills and interests. Explore these opportunities in the 'Opportunities' tab of the main menu to see how you can help support your community 🚀

You can also browse all groups on the platform and get in touch with any you'd like to support by clicking the 'Get in touch' button on their group page. Let them know what you've got to offer, and have them post an opportunity so that you can offer your support.


Whether you’re looking for a one-time volunteer opportunity for a weekend out with the kids, or you’re just looking to fill some of your free time during the week, the platform allows you to participate in opportunities whenever suits your schedule! It’s super flexible, and entirely up to you! Just get in touch with an opportunity lead to discuss your availability. 


Offer to support.  

Express your interest by offering to support a specific opportunity. This way, you can get in touch with the opportunity lead and discuss the requirements in more detail. See whether your interests are aligned, and whether you agree with the proposed plan of action. Once this first contact has been made, the opportunity lead can accept your offer - and you can take it from there together! 

💡 Tip: increase your chances of finding opportunities that match your skills & interest by completing your profile!

Share an idea.

For brainstorming challenges, simply 'Add an idea' to participate. You can also get in touch with the opportunity lead by clicking the 'Ask a question' button on the challenge page, in case there's anything you'd like to clarify, and gather more information on.

Vote, like and comment on others' ideas to engage!

Then What?

Track and report on your impact. 

Follow the progress of the organisation / community project which goals you’re helping to progress. See the value and impact of your support and be a part of a growing community of change makers progressing the global goals. 

More info coming soon!

Share across the community & other social channels. 

Don’t forget to update your group or organisation upon completion of an opportunity! Let everyone know what you were able to achieve, and share your successes with the community.

For more info on the types of volunteer activities and opportunities you can find on the platform, check-out the community forum / news feed.

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