Put forward an opportunity to receive support from other members of the community.

What are 'opportunities'? 

Opportunities are specific tasks / activities you can put forward to the community to receive support! You can either post a Request, or a Challenge, to find volunteer support and collaborate with the community.

For each Request, you have the ability to request volunteering of time & skills, or other in-kind resources such as products and space to help you progress your social and environmental impact goals. Requests can be for help on hands-on tasks, as well as advice and mentoring.

For Challenges, you can instead put forward a questions to the community, to get their help brainstorming a specific problem you might be facing, or to host a team activity.

By putting forward an opportunity, you engage the community in a one-off or longer term project to help you progress with your goals. Whether you need skilled experts to assist in developing your new marketing plan and branding strategy, or volunteers to help with a beach clean up or litter recycling program, we're here to help you find the right match.

Who can post an opportunity? 

Anyone aiming to further social and environmental development is free to post an opportunity on the platform. This includes charities, social enterprises, nonprofits, impact businesses or community projects. As long as your primary mission is to create positive social and environmental impact, you can post an opportunity to find support!

You can read more about how to register your organisation or community project here.  

How do I post an opportunity? 

1. Access the post an opportunity form

You can easily access this form by clicking on your profile photo as selecting 'post an opportunity' from the drop down menu.

💡Tip: On this form we include tips and explanations so you can just get started by accessing the form, or you can give this article a read if you'd like to know what's included in the form!

2. Type of opportunity:

We have a few types of opportunities you can choose from. These include:

  • Task Requests: to get help with a specific skilled or hands-on task to progress and achieve specific goals with the help of volunteers

  • Mentoring Requests: to receive advice or insight on a specific topic

  • Brainstorming Challenges: to ask a question and share ideas with the community to come up with solutions

  • Team Challenges: to invite members to participate in team activities to help address an existing need

This will help show volunteers and members of the community what type of involvement is required for each opportunity.

💡 Tip: You can read more about the different types of opportunities you can post here, in our related article: What types of opportunities can I post?

3. Organiser / lead:

Select which organisation / community project you'd like to receive support for.

💡 Note: On the platform, each opportunity must be linked to an initiative, organisation, or community project. Opportunities are started to help progress their mission and social and environmental impact goals.

4. Your need:

This is your space to explain the opportunity to the community. Write about the challenge you're looking to address, or what problem you’re looking to solve.

You can then add requests for the specific support you're looking for. Do you need a specific set of skills or expertise? The request form will help you add the number of volunteers you'd like to request, as well as which key skills you're looking for. You can add details about this request if you need to, and if you need more than one type of volunteer for this opportunity, don't worry - you can add them as well! Each volunteer request you submit will be listed on your opportunity page.

5. Opportunity details:

Here you can add details about:

  • Length

    How many hours would you like the supporter to spend on this opportunity?

    Is this a problem which can be answered in an hour or two over the phone? Or is this a problem you’d like to tackle in a workshop-style setting for 1-2 days? Or is this something to be tackled over a few weeks or months with a few hours each week?

    If you're not sure you can always estimate. Once you receive support offers, you can discuss this with your volunteers and adjust the length of the opportunity. If you'd like more than 5-8 hours, for example if you'd like 2-4 hours every week for 6 months, then you can make this clear by first choosing the length, and then selecting 'Recurring' for the commitment section to clarify the frequency of the support you'd like to receive.

  • Commitment

    What type of commitment is required from volunteers for them to engage in this opportunity?

    One-off shorter-term opportunities may work best if you'd like to get to know the supporter before you request a longer term commitment. However, if you'd like a longer term challenge you can select 'Recurring' and mention if you'd like this support every day/week/month for X amount of days/weeks/months. 

  • Time frame

    When would you like this opportunity to begin / volunteers to start and when would you like it to completed by? If you aren't sure, or if you're flexible, you can just select 'flexible'.

  • Location

    Is this an in-person or remote volunteer opportunity? Set the location accordingly.

6. Your Goals:

Write about how this support will be beneficial for what you're trying to achieve with with your organisation or community project.

Add some tangible outputs and outcomes you'd like to achieve at the end of this engagement, to help your supporters better understand your goals, and how their support will help you reach these.

Would you like a certain number of students to benefit from mentorship, a list of ideas to take forward, or a strategic action plan or draft design? Let us know!

7. Image, Title & Subtitle:

  • Image: Add an appealing image to attract volunteers! This will appear on your opportunity page as well as on the thumbnail in the 'Opportunities' section.

    You can download high-quality license free images from Pexels or Unsplash.  

  • Title: You can formulate your title either as a question, i.e. "How do we create a more effective marketing strategy?" or as a statement, i.e. "An enterprise helping cancer patients needs a new brand identity"

Subtitle: Please write a short sentence about why this help will be beneficial for     you, and if there is a benefit for the supporter i.e. skill development, etc. (if applicable)

If you have any questions, or need help posting an opportunity you can contact us at hello@goodsted.com or schedule a time to chat with us here.

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